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Disposable leukocyte filter
Disposable leukocyte filter

Disposable leukocyte filter

1.Product consists of filter body and filter mesh. Filter mesh should have cells no more than 170 mkm. Filter bottom must have block stops.
2.Inadmissible defects:
- shortrun, spallings, crazing in filter body;
- shrinkage cavity, foreign inclusions, air bubbles in filter body;
- burr more than 0,2mm;
- foreign inclusions in filter mesh;
- full or partial tearing/displacement of filter mesh from filter body;
- oil spots, dirt in filter mesh and on the filter body;
blocking of holes for liquid outflow by the material
3.Product material:
- Filter body – ABS (Acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene) Medical grade.
- Filter mesh - PA (polyamide) Medical grade
Material must withstand sterilization by ethylene oxide and be compatible with human blood and blood components