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Foam Dressing
Foam Dressing

Foam Dressing


It is made of medical polyurethane which contains CMC, processed by newest foam technology.
1.It is a new high-end polymer material, made by the 3D foaming of medical polyurethane which contains CMC;
2.It can absorbs exudation massively in fast speed and locks it, keeping a moist environment and preventing the surrounding normal skin maceration;
3.It will be more docile after absorbing the exudation and expanding inward; Foam pad, which is soft and can keep the local wound moist, evenly disperses the pressure ;
4.Do not adhesion to the wound, which avoids the replacement making mechanical damage once again ;
5.Good absorbency even under the pressure bandage;
6.Biologic semi-permeable PU film covering the surface to prevent bacteria and foreign matter outside completely while the wound exchange gases with the atmosphere freely.                                                             7.Unit:pcs
8.Package:1pcs/pouch, 10pcs/box