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stainless steel stethoscope
stainless steel stethoscope

stainless steel stethoscope

1.The product is used for auscultation, heart, lung and other organ activities, sound changes.
2.In line with the requirements of modern medicine.
3.The interface about 44mm in diameter, the sound effect is good, clear without noise.
4.The rotary shaft type double sided stethoscope can rotate 180 degrees, auscultation of large and small auscultation heads, flexible rotation and good positioning;
5.The big end is used for auscultation of heart and lung; the small end for localized fine auscultation.
6.The material is made of high quality zinc alloy material. After careful design and surface treatment, it has the advantages of smooth surface, reasonable structure, firm and reliable, flexible rotation, bright colors and beautiful appearance.
7.The diaphragm has good abrasion resistance, excellent acoustics;
8.Patent modified high quality and high elastic hidden steel sheet can be adjusted freely according to the size of different face, and it can not break and can always maintain the best elasticity.
9.Imported material is used in the duct, which has good cold resistance, and is not easy to aging and hardening. The acoustics is clear, no noise;
10.Color soft comfortable soft ear pain ear without compression, acoustics, clear without noise.
11.The stethoscope based on the best acoustic design, the acoustic characteristics of good appearance, luxurious appearance, and a variety of color options.
12.The multifunctional stethoscope has a bowl type interface with large, medium and small sizes, and has the best frequency response characteristics and sensitivity in different regions and frequency ranges.
Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of auscultation from adults to children, from infants to fetal sounds.
13.It is suitable for attending doctors, professional nurses and medical researchers
14.Packing specification (optional):
1).Self sealing bag simple package
2).Color printing carton packaging
3).PVC zipper bag packaging