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PVC Resuscitator
PVC Resuscitator

PVC Resuscitator

1.Intended use:The PVC resuscitator is disposable and intended for pulmonary resuscitation.
Adult: PVC Resuscitator bag adult with  accessories:oxygen tubing, reservior bag and PVC mask 4#
 Pediatric: PVC Resuscitator bag pediatric  with accessories:
oxygen tubing, reservior bag and PVC mask 2#
 Infant: PVC Silicone Resuscitator bag neonate or infant with accessories:oxygen tubing, reservior bag and silicone mask:neonate with 0# mask,infant with 1# mask.
Due to being disposable, it can eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.
Anycleaning, disinfecting or sterilizing is not necessary for it.
It is equipped with a pressure limitation valve for patient’s safety.
Its textured surface ensures a firm grip and providing effective ventilation.
Patient connector is 22/15 mm(ISO5356-1).
The resuscitator bag is made from PVC and is fully disposable. 100% latex free