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Nebulizer mask
Nebulizer mask

Nebulizer mask

1. with elastic strap                         
2. adjustable nose clip
3. with 2m oxygen tubing                 
4. Aerosol Cans:8cc blue and white,adjustable
5.Available with nebulizer cup volumes of 6ml and 10ml
6.Material: transparent soft PVC for good visualization
7.Atomization rate is about 0.3m/min
8.Drive gas flow is about 4 to 8L/min
9.Atomization particle<5um
10.Volume of anti-spill jar: 6ml, 15ml. Pulverization granule 1-5um, the Concentration reach to 70%
11.swivel snout that allows multiple treatment positions, from upright to angles up to 45 degrees