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Infusion Trolley
Infusion Trolley

Infusion Trolley


2.Main body:made of aluminum,steel and ABS plastic,aluminum column
3.ABS table top with all-in-one handrail,convex design to prevent dropping down
4.Convex size:530*478*10mm,SUS304 guardrail,transparent dust-proof
pad,two needle disposal bottles,sliding writing shelf,storage box with dividers,two plastic baskets,two trash cans
5.Front:four-Iayer ABS drawers sliding smoothly and silently with plug-in label and centralized lock,three middle drawer panel height:120mm,inner size:508*358*108mm
6.One big panel height:238mm,inner size:508*358*223mm,each drawer has 3*3 dividers for arbitrary partitioning
7.Castor:Luxurious mute castors with two brakes,flexible and agile, anti-static and wrap-hair-proof
8.Package size:890*560*990mm