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Delivery bed
Delivery bed

Delivery bed

Delivery bed with mechanical height and backrest adjustment (Model MP-AF006) offers a practical, cost-effective support surface for labour, delivery and recovery. The bed has been designed to allow optimum access to both mother and baby through all stages of the birthing process, whilst maintaining the mother safety, dignity, and comfort. The bed converts quickly from a practical labour bed to a delivery platform and back to a comfortable recovery bed. At any stage, it can be rapidly adjusted to cater for emergency situations. It has a comprehensive range of accessories to help through the whole of the birthing process. The flexibility and ease-of-use offered by the bed make it the ideal choice for the modern, progressive labour suite. The maximum safe working load is 180 kg .

 2. Features

3 Sections delivery bed complete with adjustable footrest, leg rest, body section, lithotomy poles, adjustable IV pole, Adjustable hand grips,and detachable s/s basin. Robust stainless steel construction on four antistatic castors φ 125mm, 2 lockable. With safety side rails and antistatic high density mattress covered with vinyl leather material.
Mechanical  operated height and backrest adjustment
Removable Leg section and  Adjustable back rest
Easy-to-operate head-down tilt to 10° and  head-up tilt to 25°
Compact size to fit into small delivery rooms
Telescoping leg section that reduces the overall length of the bed, allowing maximum access to mother and baby
Wide choice of safe and comfortable positions that can be adopted during labour and delivery
Comprehensive range of easy-to-fit accessories including lithotomy leg rests, hand grips, high and low foot supports, a removable step and a Stainless Steel, Bowl
Easy to clean
Bright, modern appearance

3. Specifications


Length: 2130mm

Width: 1000mm

Height: 510mm-830mm


Width: 890mm

Thickness: 150mm

4. Technical parameters

1)         Operating temperature : 10°~40°

2)         Relative humidity : ≤85

3)         Barometric pressure : 86kpa106kpa

4)         Maximum test load : 4000N

5)         Safe working load : 1700N

6)         Bed surface height adjustable range: 510~<830mm

7)         Minimum radius of mobile : 1200mm

8)         Back to fold Angle : ≥75°

9)         The trendelenburg Angle : ≥25°

10)     The reverse trendelenburg Angle : ≥10°