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Quadruple bag
Quadruple bag

Quadruple bag

Q-250C              Q-350C              Q-450C              Q-500C              Q-350CS              Q-450CS              Q-500CS 1.Disposable Blow-extruded PVC blood bag
2.Sterilized by steam, non-toxic, pyrogen-free
3.Filled with anticoagulant solution or empty
4.Donor needle gauge size: 16G
5.Package: Each set packed in one PE or PET compounded vacuum pouch, 3 to 5 sets packed in one lightproof aluminum foil compounded pouch, and then 30 to 50 sets packed in one carton
250/200*2ml 16G                   350/300*2ml 16G                                                  450/300*2ml 16G                   500/200*2ml 16G                                                 350/300*2ml 16G                   450/300*2ml 16G                                                  500/300*2ml 16G