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Swab Stick
Swab Stick

Swab Stick

1.Material:PP Nylon,Cotton head
2.Swab style:Normal swab/Medium swab
1)This product is used in the collection and storage of transport of  a variety of bacteria.
2)The specimens can be stored for 72 hours in the sampling tube.
3)Please do not ues if the breakage of packing.
4)Acquisition system uses nylon flocked swabs, non-toxic to microbes, to the greatest extent of the increase in specimen collection and release.
5)A large number of clinical trials showed that: Compared with ordinary sterile cotton swab, nylon flocked swabs have a better clinical specimen collection and transport of microorganisms in particular effect.
6)It is for those who can not timely submission, the specimen is placed too long even more so.